Is Your Toolbox Filling Complete?

Did you know, one of the important things that should always be available at home is a toolset or toolbox that contains tools or tool builders? Lots of things can be saved at home by tools. When home furnishings need to be repaired, or when you feel the empty walls in the living room already need to be decorated with paintings or to disassemble electronic machine components, you need a complete toolset. Nevertheless, in order to get the best portable mechanic toolbox for home then all you have to do is choosing the right and the best of it so that the tools you have are not easily damaged. Apart from that, here are some tools to fill in your toolbox!

Tang Multifunction
These tools are used for cutting and peeling cables and unplug connectors in various sizes.

Set Screwdriver
Instead of buying one or two types of screwdrivers separately, it is better to buy a screwdriver that has been packaged in a set. Usually consists of 8-10 pieces with Slot and Philip type. This tool is used to remove or tighten the bolt.

Hammers are used to punching and pull nails. Very useful when you want to display wall hangings or hanging racks

What’s the meaning of a hammer without a nail? Inside your toolbox, various types of spikes should always be available. From starting tacks, iron nails to concrete nails. Instantly needed, nails are ready to be plugged into the desired surface.

Its function is similar to hammer and nail but because using electric power, the process of the mounting nail so much easier.

Assorted Locks
This is not a tool you know to open your home door. The key is a tool for opening and installing nuts and bolts. The type consists of a wrench, a socket key, and a combination lock.

Make sure there is a small flashlight inside your toolbox. In dark conditions that require work using tools, a flashlight will be helpful.