Know What’s Done In Pregnancy Examination

Usually, women who are pregnant will need a more in-depth examination than those who do not. Because their health will be more take precedence because there are two lives in their bodies. However, it does not mean that women who are not in a state of pregnancy should not do the examination. You can check in Chattanooga OBGYN to get more leverage.

Then, what is done in the examination of pregnancy?

– Physical examination
This examination consists of checking the weight and height, blood pressure, breast condition, heart, and lungs. The doctor may check your vagina, uterus, and cervix to see if there is any possibility of an interruption in pregnancy or not.

– Blood Test
This test is useful for knowing the blood type and measuring hemoglobin or whether you have certain infectious conditions. Like smallpox, rubella, or hepatitis B.

– Urine Test
This is used to check if there is an infection of the duct or kidney. This test can also be done to detect whether there is protein or sugar in the urine.