The Types of Dental Treatments and Their Advantages

The presence of dentists in Markham offers a wide range of dental and oral care to prevent tooth decay and loss, and gum disease. General dental care includes check-up, scaling and cleansing, fissile sealants, patches and restorations, dental extraction, false dental installation and orthodontic treatment.

Routine dental checkup

The dentist will examine the entire tooth using a small tool that is inserted into your mouths, such as mirrors and other small tools. The dentist will try to find the problem of decay, gum disease and other conditions that may exist.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is a procedure that replaces a damaged tooth or infected pulp by being charged. The pulp is a sensitive tissue that provides oxygen, nutrients and taste senses for teeth. Its location in the center of the dental cavity (pulp chamber), along with the blood vessels and nerves. Once the teeth are fully formed, the tooth nutrition comes from the tissue around the roots and the tooth can function without the pulp.