Seaweed is an amazing vegetable from the sea

Just like other types of vegetables, seaweed is also rich in vitamins and minerals are good for maintaining a healthy body. Iodine content in seaweed is used to help the thyroid function is more optimal and healthy. While the type of brown seaweed contains fucoxanthin pigment that can help metabolize body fat into energy. Aside from that, you can go to to check out a recommended supplement with seaweed extract.

Rich Omega 3 Fatty Acids

The benefits of the next seaweed are to keep good cholesterol levels in the body. This is because seaweed contains omega 3 fatty acids which are good fats that can lower bad cholesterol without lowering good fats or HDL. Not only that, omega 3 also can overcome the inflammation that occurs in the body.

Prevent cancer

The content of vitamin C contained in seaweed is very functioning once as an antidote to cancer cells in your body. In addition, the content of vitamin C in seaweed can also be useful for your skin beauty that makes skin look brighter and moist.